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1-on-1 Coaching

1-on -1 coaching will cater to your specific needs as an athlete.  Here are some of the one-on-one coaching options we offer:

Beginner transition work- We will help you to find what transition strategy will work best for you to move from the swim to bike and bike to run.  It takes hours of swimming, biking, or running to take 30 seconds off you race time.  In about an hour of 1-on-1 coaching on transitions you could save that or even more.

Advanced Transition work- Learn the tricks of the trade including the flying dismount!  This will help to shave off those few seconds that can make the difference between a podium spot and not.

Lifting form- We will go though your lifting routine to ensure proper form and understanding for each lift.  This will help prevent any injuries that may develop from poor form and get the most out of each rep.

Work out- If you need that extra motivation for a track or computraining workout, we can help push you trough it and give tips to getting the most out of it.

Race/Season planning- Many athletes over commit themselves to races throughout the year leading to sub par  performances of what the athlete should be able to achieve.  Along with planning we will give you tips, strategies, and insight to many local races and let you know what races match the quality you desire.

Price (1 hour):
$125 (Regular)                          
$50 (Trifit XT Member)

Call or email to schedule 1 on 1 coaching

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